A Year of Financial Self-Discovery: Free Twelve Month Financial Wellness Program


The Center for Financial Social Work is offering our students, graduates, and community a year (twelve monthly issues) of FREE downloadable client tools and materials.

Each monthly issue provides an individual resource to motivate and engage clients in the financial healing process and help them grow more connected, confident, and competent with their money.

The information and interactive exercises in each monthly issue can be used as a stand-alone lesson or as part of a year-long personal and financial journey of transformation. The approach is flexible enough, so you or your clients can begin at any time during the year. It doesn’t matter whether you begin with the current month or with the January issue.

Each month’s topic engages clients in the type of reflection that results in deeper understanding of their money problems. This approach subtly highlights the need for change, improves each participant’s relationship with money and self and lays the groundwork for sustainable financial wellbeing. Download and incorporate these materials into you client work for free!

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Each month’s downloadable issue is self-explanatory and includes several pages of interactive content clients can work through with you, the professional, or take home to complete independently.

  1. January:
    Beginning Your Personal Journey of Financial Self-Discovery
  2. February: check back in February!
  3. March: check back in March!
  4. April: check back in April!
  5. May: check back in May!
  6. June: check back in June!
  7. July: check back in July!
  8. August: check back in August!
  9. September: check back in September!
  10. October: check back in October!
  11. November: check back in November!
  12. December: check back in December!

Written By Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

A Year of Financial Self-Discovery: Free Twelve Month Financial Wellness Program was originally published @ Financial Social Work and has been syndicated with permission.

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