Social Justice Solutions

Is a social worker conceived and operated organization born out of the Stony Brook School of Social Welfare’s commitment to active participation in creating a socially just world.


Social Justice Solutions is a forum to promote the exploration of social welfare policy, social work practice and politics.  By unifying social workers and other helping professionals, SJS will create the foundation needed to promote helpers for public office. In addition, SJS offers collaborations with a multitude of partners to form a more just society, from fundraisers, conferences, and events, our aim is to foster connections for a more equal and fulfilling world. Using the NASW Code of Ethics as our guiding principle, we will help keep the helping professions informed and connected to the needs of the public we serve.


We envision a world where political offices are held by social workers and other helping professionals who are committed to empowering and bettering the lives of their constituents, no matter the platform or political affiliation. We see a time when the culture of our society focuses more on unity and commonalities  rather than our differences.