‘Christmas Crime’ injects humor into a difficult subject

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Sarah Ann Masse forwarded this just before Christmas, but I didn’t see it until after. Nevertheless, even though it has a holiday theme, it’s still worth watching, because We Are Thomasse have added a very clever twist — and wonderful clarity — to the sexual harassment and abuse issues that have surfaced over the last few months.

In addition to being an actor, Masse is also a writer and comedian. She has been trying to find a way to channel everything she’s been going through into her art (she was one of the women who came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse). This Christmas sketch from her British-American comedy duo, We Are Thomasse, which addresses consent and victim blaming, is what she came up with.
Obviously, this subject matter is very close to her heart and she’s happy to have finally found a way to address it through their comedy. She’s also thrilled that her friend Steven Boyer (Tony nominee for ‘Hand to God’ and currently on ‘Trial & Error’) joined them in this putting this together.
Who’s to blame if someone breaks into your pretty house? That shiny handle was just asking to be turned. Why was the door even unlocked in the first place…?
“Christmas Crime” addresses the basics of consent and the hypocrisy of victim-blaming, all with the signature We Are Thomasse flair for making serious topics accessible through humo(u)r.

Written By Jane Ellen Stevens

‘Christmas Crime’ injects humor into a difficult subject was originally published @ Jane Ellen Stevens – ACEs Too High and has been syndicated with permission.

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