How to be more socially conscious in 2018

A new year is the ideal time to start making some serious changes in your life. Whether you are interested in giving more back to the local community or charities, or perhaps want to make some changes to your daily routine or habits for the better, then now’s the time to start reviewing how you can become more socially conscious.

Follow the news

It might sound obvious, but do you actually take time to connect with current affairs and key events that are happening around the globe? We might all watch the news, but do you actually take time to slow down and work out what this might mean for you as an individual? Following the news will increase your understanding of how other cultures and societies live. It may also spur you on to following a new charity or supporting a different cause, from your local animal shelter to an international aid organization. Plus, following the news is a great conversation starter for any awkward social situations, or even if you are attending a job interview and want to make a lasting impression.

It’s important that you follow the news if you want to become more socially conscious, as it can help you to even have a different perspective or outlook on the way that you live your life – and the changes that you can make for the better.

Get involved in the local community

The New Year is the ideal time to start giving back or getting involved with your local community. How much time you decide to dedicate, or how you decide to get involved is entirely up to you – just be sure not to take too much on in the first instance, as it’s important that you can balance your new commitments with your current work. First and foremost, getting involved with your local community can have serious benefits on your overall mood and mental health. By meeting new people and getting involved in activities that give back and benefit others, you will instantly feel good. Secondly, getting involved with a charity or activities in your local neighborhood will make you much more aware of any issues or problems where you live – and the factors that need to be in place so that any elements can change for the better.

From litter picking, to visiting the elderly or helping kids reach school safely, if you open your eyes you will become aware of a range of issues that need resolving – and with your help and support they can be. Getting involved in your local community should be a socially conscious decision that you are willing to keep, so make sure that you still to any projects that you pledge to get involved in.

Make positive lifestyle choices

Whether you are looking to get more active, change your diet or even move home, then make 2018 your year to follow through with any positive lifestyle choices that you have in mind. If you are looking to move house, then make sure that you take time to review which option works best for you – either moving into a property or undertaking the work yourself. It’s important when building a home that you fully understand the financial implications, but don’t let this deter your dreams. You can soon be the owner of your own design masterpiece in no time.

If you want to keep things simpler, then why not give your diet and daily routine some much-needed attention. If you always find ways to put off going to the gym then why not start looking into classes that you can attend with a friend or relative, if you need a boost? Whereas if your diet is making you feel sluggish or run down, then try introducing more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cutting down on sugar and alcohol. You could also consider where you source your food from – try shopping for organic meat and fish at your local farmers market or Whole Foods store. Making a few lifestyle changes need not cost the earth, and they are guaranteed to make you a lot more conscious of just how much of an effect your poor decisions have on your socially conscious footprint.

Avoid negativity

It’s easier than you might think to get sucked into a negative, downward spiral of despair and self-loathing, so use this New Year to get your mind set and positive thinking back on track. You could try practising mindfulness and other techniques to help balance your thoughts. Make sure that you remove any negative relationships or people from your life too – as these people will continue to drag you down unless you remove them from your friendship circle. Try keeping a lifestyle journal to manage your plans and dreams, as writing them down on paper will make them feel a lot more achievable. Finally, make sure that you harness negativity to make a positive change. Just consider how much energy you are wasting on that negative energy, and start turning that frown upside down!

It’s easier than you might think to become more socially conscious in 2018 and beyond. Begin, by giving your diet and lifestyle some much-needed attention and make changes that will benefit you. Get rid of negative thoughts and consider practising mindfulness or meditation to become more positive. Consider getting involved in your local community to help feel more connected and get a positive boost from your new connections and friendships. Finally, start following the news and make sure that you are much more aware of what’s happening in the wider world. Remember that changes won’t happen overnight. If you want to become more socially conscious, you need to remain driven and dedicated in your pursuit of a new you for the New Year.

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