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Ban The Box is a campaign originated and ran by All of Us or None of Us that calls for removing the question and unchecking the box, “Have you been convicted by a court?” or what is more commonly read “ Have you been convicted of a felony ? “ from applications for employment, housing, public benefits, insurance, loans and other services.

This line of questions can mean lifelong discrimination and exclusion because of a past arrest or conviction record ( All of Us or None of Us ).
I’ve always been under the impression that when a person has been convicted and served time for a crime, their debt to society has been paid. It never ceases to amaze me how formerly incarcerated persons are often recriminalized and discriminated against routinely. Our culture often supports those who are receiving a “hand up” and not a “hand out”, surely we could support this effort to Ban the Box. Approval of this measure would allow felons the same basic liberties that most of the nation exercises daily without thought or notice.

Allow me to be clear, this measure will not apply to those convicted of violent crimes or sex crimes, but it would allow opportunities. I’m curious, what are your thoughts about the matter ?

Corbette L.

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