The Last Post about my Mother-in-Law


So here we are. My mother in law has taken another downturn this week.

She is drinking even less and her voice is so soft I can barely hear her when she speaks, which is only in answer to a question, and in few words. Her eyes look very strange now. She sleeps all the time, barely waking to eat and drink. Surprisingly, she has been eating a big bowl of cream of wheat cereal each day for the past five days, and before that, scrambled eggs and ice cream.

God has given us a woman who will stay with her while we are at work, so that is a relief. We cannot leave her alone for any length of time, so my husband and I take turns when we are not at work.

We are making plans for her funeral. Everything has been paid for in Indianapolis, where she will be buried.

This week I learned that you cannot transport a deceased person in a private vehicle across state lines. When my father-in-law died, the funeral home charged us a thousand dollars to transport him to Indianapolis.

I also learned that Hospice will help us if we decide to move my mother-in-law to Indianapolis while she is still under Hospice care. We have not decided yet. Hospice care is wonderful…I cannot say enough good things about the way they help with this very difficult time.

This will be the last week that I write about my mother in law. I have been sharing with you in hopes of helping you if and when you are dealing with the illness and death of a loved one. Next week I will be focusing on helping you stay healthy and active. Next month is National Senior Center month. Aging With Grace is a combination of a senior center, a health club, a spa, and a mini medical clinic. We want to help seniors who want to be healthier.

May you and yours be blessed in the coming week.

Written By DG Gridley

August 12, 2017 was originally published @ DG’s Weekly Blog – Aging With Grace and has been syndicated with permission.

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