Self-help Program Exceeds All Expectations

The Self-help program, Se-REM has recently been made available to the public and other therapists.  Eleven years in development, it combines EMDR, Mindfulness, Child Within Therapy, Music Therapy and connects the user with Nature, all within a mild hypnotic relaxation.  

Therapists who often have only a few EAP sessions to generate change can now use this program to double their effectiveness.  While no one knows exactly why EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is effective, their is little doubt that therapists that incorporate this technique are more successful.

Human brains are not able to let go of traumatic emotions easily.  Only during REM activity is the whole brain in communication with itself.  When given Bi-lateral stimulation, the brain is able to process and resolve issues that ordinarily it cannot.  We do not get enough REM activity at night to dissolve the traumatic emotions.  Consequently, they are lodged in the Amygdala and they may remain there for a person’s entire life.

The response to Se-REM so far is fantastic.  It has rave reviews and a 5 Star rating on its Facebook page.  Most people report a strong cathartic reaction, and some say, “I have never cried so hard in my life.”  People are processing trauma from long ago, searching their brains for the repressed emotions, finding the pockets of sadness, emoting and dissolving the trauma forever.

It also promotes self nurturing and many choose to do it multiple times to practice the ability to self support.  Se-REM works for PTSD, Anxiety attacks, Grief, Childhood or Sexual Abuse, Loss of any kind, Obsessive thoughts and even Insomnia.

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