3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Effectively Raise Social Awareness

Of course, the internet can be your friend but so can contacts you make on a local level.

Whether you are a startup nonprofit looking to introduce yourself to the community or have been in existence for some time with a need for a quick ‘pick-me-up,’ here are three ways you can raise social awareness. Hopefully by raising an awareness of all that you stand for and all that you do, the donations will pick up as well!

1) Social Media

In today’s world, more than ¾ of the population is on some sort of social media. The latest statistics indicate that number is actually 81%! They may have a Facebook page, a Twitter account or even a YouTube channel where they post videos and reply to comments as they arise. Social media is a great way to share your mission with the world and a great way to collect followers who can become major influencers with their own circle of followers. Any nonprofit would be foolish to neglect a strong social media presence.

2) Direct Mailing

There are still those who prefer print media. Sometimes because it’s easier to remember a hard copy than it is to remember where they saw something online, and other times it’s the quality of your mailer that is memorable. It is a given that you are running a nonprofit and as such, your budget isn’t unlimited. What you can do at very little cost to you is to use a free online postcard maker that you can customize with your own template and the only cost would be printing them off on your local printer. The cost of ink and card stock is much, much cheaper than a professional graphic designer and printer would be, so consider making up your own flyers, postcards, letters and even circulars or newspaper inserts.

3) Attend Live Events

Finally, there is nothing like getting up close and personal. Attend as many live events in your area as you possibly can. It is here that you can begin networking and here where you can approach as many potential donors as possible. You may not get all the funding you need, but you will certainly find volunteers to help with projects you have going on. Once you’ve spoken with someone and actually listened to what they are saying, it is easier for them to remember you as well. Share life stories, but always choose one that is either funny or memorable in some way. When you approach that person later on by a direct mailing or on social media, they are sure to remember you once you mention that shared story.

Always bear in mind that there really people out there willing and able to share of their time, talents and resources. It’s a matter of reaching them. A solid combination of internet and personal communications can give you a wider perimeter in which to work. These three ways have proven effective and as good as any place to start raising that awareness that is sorely needed.

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