Transformative Careers – Empowering Others to Live Fuller Lives

If you were to question 100 successful people who chose a rewarding career that lasted them their entire working lives what it was about their job that kept them at it for so long, a majority of the responses would probably include having the ability to do something to empower others to live fuller lives. Yes, money is almost always going to factor into the equation, but job satisfaction is also based on what you can do to help the human condition. Here is a sampling of transformative careers – those which empower you to empower others to live fuller lives with a better quality of living.

1. Respiratory Therapist

As a graduate with an online bachelor of science in respiratory therapy degree, you can count on both a lucrative career as well as one that will definitely make a difference in the lives of others. Have you ever had a severe case of the flu or even pneumonia? If so, you know how crippling it can be not to be able to draw a big breath and why someone with a well-respected bachelor in respiratory therapy degree will find a great deal of satisfaction in his or her career.

2. Personal Image Advisor/Consultant

There is nothing worse than not feeling good about yourself! No matter how beautiful, how successful or how intelligent you are, if you have low self-esteem you are as lost as a small fish in a sea of sharks. A personal image consultant doesn’t make quite the same amount of pay as a respiratory therapist, but they breathe life into others in a totally different way.

3. Nutritionist

We are a nation of people with extremely poor eating habits. In fact, it has been said that we are one of the nations on earth with a high number of obese citizens and a high mortality rate from cancers and heart disease that is directly attributable to poor nutrition and obesity. Want to do something of real meaning in the life of another? Teach them how to ‘eat for life.’

4. Guidance Counselor

Whether working with young children in grades K-8 or those in high school or college, a guidance counselor has the ear of some of the most troubled youth in our society. Want to make a real difference in this world we live in? Reach them while they are young and can heal life’s hurts easily. Empower them to grow up to be safe and secure in their own skin!

5. Mental Health Workers

Around one in six people experience mental health problems at any given time, and mental health workers are often key in helping these people to regain structure in their lives.  Mental health workers are professionals who provide non-stigmatizing help to those in need.  Through a mix of social care, therapy and medication (where required), these professionals can significantly help to improve the emotional health of a patient.  It’s a wonderful career choice for those who are caring and empathetic by nature.

6. Physical Fitness Trainer

This actually takes on a broad spectrum of careers from a yoga instructor to a gym teacher to an Arthur Murray’s ballroom dance instructor! When it comes to being physically fit, it doesn’t matter how you get up and get moving – just that you do! Not only will a fit body be better to look at but it will be healthier as well.

These are just six of many transformative careers, but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to make a decent wage and do something wonderful, something empowering in the life of another. Accomplish those two things and you’ll have a career to be proud of over the course of your lifetime.

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