Be That Cool School Counselor and Help Teenagers!

Let’s take a quick break from looking at beauty products and the latest hairstyles to try to talk about something I find close to my heart: the teens in our communities.

The world is making the challenges of living as a teenager more difficult to deal with. Social media and the way teens interact with each other are creating new problems; problems that they can’t always solve on their own. Recent studies complied by Wake Forest University revealed that schools need more counselors and teenagers need more help with their problems. If you love helping others, you can actually be that cool counselor at school and help our teens.

Getting started is relatively easy. There are online counseling degrees that will help you prepare for the tasks you will have to deal with. The responsibilities you will face as a school counselor, on the other hand, are actually very fun to face.

Find out more about how what it takes to be a school counselor from the A Counselor’s Typical Day infographic by Wake Forest University:


Wake Forest Online Counseling Program


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