Trump Presidency on Health Care Insurance

President-elect Donald Trump won the elections on 9th November 2016. On January 20th President-elect Donald J. Trump will be the commander in chief and the President of the USA for the next four years. This means that the nation has to adhere to Mr. Trump and his party’s policy.

A lot of plans have been put forward by our future POTUS. Some are really thoughtful and have the potential to benefit this country immensely. Some are rather unconventional and need a little more structure to be implemented properly.

During Obama’s government, health care has been made a matter of special attention. Obama introduced the Affordable Healthcare Act, also referred to as Obamacare, which has helped millions of Americans. Trump has proposed that he plans to eradicate Obamacare. In addition to that, he will then introduce a counter measure that will help Americans be more economically stable. As of this date, Mr. Trump’s healthcare plans have not been crystal clear in his public addresses during the campaign. Although, his official website has enlightened us with some insight as to what he might plan to do.

According to Trump, Obama Care is an “economic burden” and also a “horror show” He wants to make an effort to present “much needed” free market reforms to the industry of health care. He has specifically stated in one of his campaigns that “no person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to” (see official website for reference).

He further elaborated his plan in a rally last January, where he explained that he will also allow drugs to be imported from abroad. He doesn’t intend for people to die on the streets and wants to take care of everyone within his country.  This notion is known as “concepts of Medicare”. A ray of hope for people dependent on Obamacare is that Trump has stated even after he has ended Obamacare people with preexisting conditions will have access to health insurance.

Any person who has befitted from Obamacare knows it is the same for all. If a person is suffering from diabetes he will have to pay the same premium as someone who has a more complex disease with more expensive care. That way the balance stays between all the facilitators. People who have had workplace accidents can also profit from this situation despite not working.  It has been a befitting service for all senior care institutes as well.

To further elaborate Trump’s plan on medical reforms, Trump will seek Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s plan. Over the years, Ryan has drafted several proposals in reference to health care and all of them lead to one goal; reducing the expenditure of government on health care. It is believed this plan will be set in motion as soon as January 20th, 2017, the day when Trump takes charge of the nation. It involves people paying more from their own pockets if they want to cover the rapidly growing prices of the share for health insurance.

As for abortion rights, his position has been strong. He has made clear that he is pro-life and wants to appoint Supreme Court justices who will devise a policy to establish laws for anti-abortion. It is unclear how many states will be affected if the plan is set into motion. However, there are chances that only a few states will have the liberty of having legal abortion procedures.

So far Trump has not taken any steps to kick-start his plans. If he does manage to make the changes he has promised then we should be prepared to adapt to it. It has yet to be seen how the changes are going to affect the future of America. One thing is for certain, that any change in healthcare will affect millions of people. Any decision made by the Trump administration needs to be analyzed thoroughly before implementation.


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