5 Great Reasons to Train to Become a Nurse

Nursing is a hugely rewarding career in many ways and there are literally hundreds of reasons why you should be a nurse.

It isn’t the right career for everyone and not all who enter the nursing profession will still be working as a nurse ten or even twenty years later. However, if you want a job with good prospects, it is worth considering training to be a nurse, or if you are already a nurse, studying for advanced nursing qualifications to help boost your career. It is impossible to look ahead into the future and know what lies ahead, but if you are considering nurse training, here are some great reasons to help you make your decision.

You Want to Help Others

The main reason why people start training to be a nurse is that they have a strong desire to help others. Nursing is a vocation rather than a career. It tends to attract empathetic individuals who want to care for others. Nursing is definitely not easy. From an emotional perspective, you will have to face many very tough situations. After all, human life is fragile at times and people die. Even if you specialize in maternity care, there will be times when life ends before it has barely begun.

Despite the difficulties inherent in nursing, this really is the ideal career for you if you have a genuine desire to care for the sick and make people better.

A Career with Prospects

The vast majority of graduate nurses end up with a job within six months. There is always a big demand for well-trained nurses, so you won’t have a problem finding work. You can even work abroad if you want to, as nurses are always in demand. You could even apply to migrate to another country and apply for a skilled visa based on your nursing qualification.

Nursing offers excellent career prospects. If you choose to spend your working life in the same department, at the same pay grade, this will not be an issue, but if you have ambition and would like to work your way up from a nursing assistant to management level, there are many career paths open to you. All you need to do if you have your sights on a management position is study for a master’s degree.

Career Diversity

Nursing is a career path, but what you need to remember is that nursing is an umbrella term that encompasses a huge number of different jobs. Trained nurses can specialize in any number of different areas. Depending on your interests, you can become a pediatric nurse, nurse practitioner, midwife, trauma care nurse, or even a school nurse. There are so many options available that you probably won’t be able to choose until you have completed some of your basic training.

You can even switch from one specialism to another if you decide further down the line that your chosen career path isn’t working as well as you might have hoped. You can even switch career completely, as nursing gives you a number of important transferable skills.

Nursing is Never Boring

Nursing could never be described as a boring career. No two days will be the same, so if you want a job where you are faced with a range of different problems and situations, this is the right career for you.

Some aspects of nursing are more exciting than others. For example, if you elect to work as a school nurse, your days will be fairly low-key, but if you choose to work as an army medic and are posted to a war zone, you can expect to face all manner of stressful situations.

A Respectable Career

Nursing is a respectable career. Society needs nurses. They are at the front line of medicinal care, so when people get sick, a nurse is often the first person they see. We need nurses at the beginning and the end of life. Not surprisingly, being such a valued person means people tend to look up to you.

In most cases, if you say you are a nurse, people will be very respectful and full of admiration for how hard you work to make other people’s lives better. Nobody ever says nice things about traffic wardens and real estate agents, so if public opinion matters, stick to a respectable career like nursing.

Nursing is a great career path if you have the right personality. It pays well and if you love life as a nurse, you are guaranteed a job for life.


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