The Highest Paid Non-Physician Jobs in Healthcare

Non-physicians fill a wide range of rolls in the healthcare industry, many of them higher paid than you would probably expect. 

The last few years have led to a dramatic need for healthcare professionals, not only in jobs like nursing, but also in administrative jobs like healthcare management.  And whilst the latter do not deal directly with patients, they are still critical to the proper functioning of the healthcare industry.  Want to know what the highest paid non-physician jobs in healthcare are?  Keep reading.


Pharmacists offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions, and are also responsible for delivering medications to patients.  Some pharmacists will also oversee the patient taking their medication, provide immunizations, and conduct health and wellness screenings.  In order to become a pharmacist, you need to have achieved a doctor of pharmacy degree.  This usually takes four years.  Pharmacists can expect to earn around $117,000 a year.

Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse anesthetists specialize in administering anesthesia before and during medical procedures and surgery.  In order to become an anesthetist, nurses need a minimum of a master’s degree, and also need to pass the CRNA board exams.  They may work in a wide variety of healthcare settings including clinics, school, hospitals, physicians’ offices and healthcare facilities.  A nurse anesthetist can expect to earn around $97,000 per year.

Health Services Manager

Health services managers are responsible for coordinating, directing and planning health and medical services.  They may specialize in managing a specific department or may be a more general manager in charge of a large facility.  They also need to stay up to date with changes in technology, healthcare regulations and laws.  Health services managers require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with many opting to study for this online.  Reputable universities like Concordia University – Portland offer this degree course.  The average salary for a health services manager is $88,000.

Bio Medical Engineer

The bio medical engineer industry is expected to grow by 27% between now and 2022 – this is a largely growing sector and one that will be lucrative to enter into.  Bio medical engineers are responsible for analyzing data and designing solutions related to biology in medicine.  The main goal of an engineer is to improve the effectiveness and quality of patients’ care.  In order to enter this field, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  The average yearly salary is $87,000.

Nuclear Medicine Technician

The nuclear medicine industry is another healthcare sector that is expected to grow largely in the next five years; in fact, the US is expected to need as many as 20% more technicians before 2020.  Nuclear medicine technicians are responsible for preparing and administering radioactive drugs, and they use technologically advanced scanners in order to treat a range of conditions.  Those wishing to enter this sector of healthcare can expect to earn around $70,000 a year, and will need to hold an associate’s degree in nuclear technology at a minimum.  Some states also require licenses to be held.

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