Challenges Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

Even though women have done so much in the business world already, with female CEOs leading major corporations and incredibly talented women starting their own hugely popular brands, female entrepreneurs continue to face a variety of challenges in the workplace. And this applies even to women who have proven themselves by attaining a masters in business administration online from schools like Villanova University that have challenging online MBA degree programs.
Getting Access to the Funding They Need
When you start your own business, you need startup funds, and there are several ways that you can go about getting that funding. But women, in particular, find it more difficult than men do when it comes to getting the funding that they need to start and run their companies. This is especially the case when it comes to getting venture capital. In fact, research has found that investors typically prefer the pitches that are made to them by men rather than women, even if those pitches are the same.
Establishing a Healthy Work-Life Balance
Establishing a good work-life balance is necessary, but many female entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to do so, especially if they want to raise their kids while running their own companies. There’s still a common misconception that states you have to dedicate all of your time to running a business if you want it to be successful, so there are many women who won’t even think it’s possible to have a family if they want a great career.
Networking with Like-Minded Professionals
Yet another common challenge that women entrepreneurs face is the inability to find valuable and supportive networks and mentors. Many business networks are difficult to get into to begin with, but the problem is that a lot of the higher level business world is still dominated by men, making it that much harder for women to create their own path and enter business networks that are considered elite. With the importance of “who you know,” entrepreneurial women have to work harder to find a supportive network that can help their businesses grow.
Feeling the Pressure to Do Well in Everything They Pursue
Women who decide to work and raise a family will be judged more harshly than men who simply pursue a career. In fact, working women typically have to deal with the pressure of expectations for success, not only from themselves, but also from others. They’ll be judged by how successful they are in their business life, as well as in their family life, and they’ll be expected to look good while doing it all too. On the other hand, men are typically judged mostly on how successful they are at their job. Because of this, many women find it difficult to remain positive and pursue their aspirations.
Despite all of these challenges, however, there are many ways that women have already succeeded in the business world, and there are still many women who want to forge their own path towards success, so there’s definitely hope for change.

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