The Best Healthcare Jobs in 2016 and How to Qualify for Them

We’re seeing a steady economic growth as we venture further into the year 2016. This growth means more jobs, a better economic climate and more opportunities in various fields.

One of the fields that have been seeing the most growth is healthcare. The industry, thanks to Obama Care and various other incentives introduced within the past few years, is growing rapidly.

There is an increased demand for healthcare specialists. With the right master’s degree and sets of skills, you can take advantage of this economic boom and acquire a good position in the healthcare industry. What are the best healthcare jobs this year?


Pharmaceuticals is an important part of our healthcare system. In recent years, the demand for skilled pharmacists has been increasing at a steady rate. It is a very satisfying job to pursue, with the reported median salary of around $120,000 a year according to Fortune’s latest research.

Having a Ph.D. in pharmacy is certainly a huge plus. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the country today, which means there is an opportunity for everyone. The responsibilities are broad too. Pharmacists are responsible for the provision of medications, mainly prescribed drugs.

As a pharmacist, you may also be responsible for the purchase and testing of medications. You can work in a hospital or the private sector, whether as an employee of a pharmaceutical company or the head of your own private research department.

Health Law Specialist

This next field is a combination of both healthcare and law. There are specific courses that will help you get a health law degree. You can also branch out to get a master’s in health policy. Health law is a booming field of work due to the increasingly complicated regulations surrounding the healthcare industry.

A background in law or health is equally valuable if you want to pursue a career in this field. Schools such as Hofstra Law are now opening online courses too. These courses allow you to get a master’s in health law without having to physically attend classes.

Similar to the previous line of work, pursuing a career as a health policy lawyer or a healthcare law specialist is also very rewarding. You can expect an average annual salary of $150,000 along with bonuses and other benefits. It is an exciting field to enter nonetheless.

Genetics Counselor

Another interesting field to venture into is genetics. There has been an increase in demand for genetic counselors in the past few years. When working as a genetics counselor, you will be helping patients identify possible genetic conditions, analyzing genetic compatibility and be responsible for doing genetic-related researches along the way.

A master’s degree in genetics along with good interpersonal skills are what you need to succeed in this field. It is a rewarding job too, with the median salary being reported at around $70,000. Genetics is also a field that will continue to grow over the next few years, especially now that its importance is being appreciated more and more.

Which of these jobs should you pursue? The answer is entirely up to you. The market is still showing signs of rapid growth as we hit the midpoint of 2016, so act now and secure a bright career in healthcare.

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