Which version is your kid’s school?

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This fabulous video from Atlanta Speech School shows what a trauma-informed/resilience building school looks like — and what a school looks like that hasn’t incorporated these practices.

We’ve done stories about schools that have incorporated practices based on the science of adverse childhood experiences. This science includes who suffers and the consequences (the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and other epidemiological studies), the effects of toxic stress that these experiences have on a child’s brain and body, how the consequences of these experiences can be passed from generation to generation, and the resilience research that shows our brains are plastic and our bodies want to heal.

Here’s a list:

Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, tries a new approach to school discipline; suspensions drop 85% — This led to the making of the amazing documentary Paper Tigers, which followed six Lincoln High School students for a year.

At Cherokee Point Elementary, kids don’t conform to school; school conforms to kids — San Diego, July 2012

There’s no such thing as a bad kid in these Spokane, WA, trauma-informed elementary schools — Spokane, WA, August 2013

Q-and-A with Suzanne Savall, principal of trauma-informed elementary school in Spokane, WA    — Spokane, WA, August 2013

The Restorative Justice League of Le Grand High School jumps in to save the day — Le Grand, CA, September 2013

Risk Factors for Today’s School-Age Youth September 2013 (Paladin Technical High School’s 25-point obstacle (risk factor) evaluation)

San Francisco’s El Dorado Elementary uses trauma-informed & restorative practices; suspensions drop 89% January 2014

Lessons learned: Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in a School (planning phase) April 2015

A trauma-informed school wasn’t part of my plan, but now it’s my life’s work — Minnesota, April 2015

Minnesota high school screens students for ACEs to develop trauma-informed education April 2015

Resilience practices overcomes students’ ACEs in trauma-informed high school, say the data May 2015

We’ll be doing more later this year.

Written By Jane Ellen Stevens

Which version is your kid’s school? was originally published @ Jane Ellen Stevens – ACEs Too High and has been syndicated with permission.


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