The Amazing Jacobs Family

Relationships are interesting. They are kind of like cells in our body. You know how cells are always bumping into each other, some attach to make new things, some just float around independently, and some join together to fight off bad stuff.

We are always bumping into people through the routines of our everyday lives. Through this process we make new friends or acquaintances, maybe even enemies; but from time to time, a relationship will just click and a real connection and unusual bond is forged. Well, I feel very fortunate to have “bumped” into Jac Jacobs, his wife, Trish, and their son, Mathew. Ours has definitely been a relationship that clicked; and for 14 years later we’re still fast friends.

Every year the Family Care Network picks a “Circle of Serving” honoree, an individual or group who are basically unsung heroes within our community, giving of themselves to serve, support and help others “under the radar”, pretty much out of public view. Because of these individuals and their efforts, the quality of life here on the Central Coast is better!

For 2016, our Circle of Serving recipients are the Jacobs Family. Not because they are my friends, but because they really, really deserve it! Since they moved to the Central Coast from the Napa-Sonoma area 20 something years ago, they have been very busy and engaged with serving others within our community. They have made significant contributions, and have earned a ton of respect with little recognition. Jac describes the philosophy that drives him this way: “My father was a Mason and Shriner for my whole life, and he imparted on me the awareness that there is always someone who can use your help. It isn’t about the recognition or payback; it is just what we, as fellow human beings, are supposed to do.” This philosophy and practice permeates the entire Jacobs family. And the Family Care Network and I have been very blessed to experience the amazing Jacobs Family in action over the years.

The Jacobs’ community service efforts have included: volunteering in search and rescue with the Civil Air Patrol; Boy Scouts leadership; many years of serving on the Board for the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation; cooking and providing meals for the homeless and at a local senior center; and being active in the Paso Robles High School Boosters Club. Additionally, the entire family has been remarkable in their support of the children, youth and families served by the Family Care Network. They’ve donated untold hours in preparing and serving food and pouring wine; decorating, setting up and tearing down at numerous events; sharing their imaginative ideas and extensive creativity to improve events and meet needs; and so much more!

At age 14, Mathew Jacobs came up with the idea of using the train at Le Vigne Winery to host a “Polar Express” event to bless the children we serve during Christmas. Fourteen years later, thousands of children have had a magical Polar Express experience, primarily due to the energy, creativity and commitment to serve that this amazing family continues to gift us with all these years later.

It is no surprise that this high-energy, compassionate, ever-serving, creative family consist of three incredibly talented people. Jac Jacobs is a winemaker extraordinaire, currently with Kelsey See Canyon winery, with lots of accolades, medals and honors to prove it. All you have to do is taste the work of his hands to understand what an incredible artisan and master craftsman he really is. Trish Jacobs is a highly acclaimed, sought after Chef and the owner of Paso Catering. The Central Coast has enjoyed her culinary skills at many high-class, local events, as well as local restaurants. Their son, Mathew, is not only a professional ballet dancer, but a rising brew-master star for BarrelHouse Brewing Company. As busy as these three individuals are in their own careers and endeavors, they always find the time to help the Family Care Network take care of our kids and families.

In the grand universe of relationships, the Jacobs family shine brightly. Jac, Trish and Mathew are people who are greatly loved and appreciated. Individually and collectively, they are incredibly talented, creative, caring, compassionate, kind, funny and fun-loving, hard-working, and extraordinarily dedicated to making our community better by helping others. The Family Care Network is very excited to honor the amazing Jacobs Family as our 2016 Circle of Serving honorees. An untold number of children, youth and families have had their lives improved because of them!

Written By Family Care Network

The Amazing Jacobs Family was originally published @ Blog and has been syndicated with permission.


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