Voices of Reason

It is vitally important for social workers to continue to play a fundamental role in addressing gun violence in our country. The senseless deaths of numerous African American males and females around our country and racial disparities must be addressed and justice must prevail. The senseless deaths of police officers must be dually addressed and eradicated.

Congressional Social Work Caucus Chair, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, stated yesterday that, “we have a unique perspective. We know that gun violence is a public health epidemic and we see it every day.” For those who are unfamiliar with our profession may ask, what are the unique perspectives social workers bring to the table? Each day, by providing resources, services, and support, we mend and heal individuals, children, and families affected by a wide range of issues that include violence. We find solutions to the ever present social problems plaguing our communities and country.

Social workers find strengths and solutions during the most trying times encountered by humanity. I’m calling on all of our social workers to continue to be a voice of reason during this trying time in our country. From the communities that encounter widespread racial disparities and institutional discrimination to the police officers who are working to stand up against injustice, let’s continue to be the bridge that transforms divisions into solutions.




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