Why Continuous Professional Development is a Smart Career Move

Continuous professional development (CPD) is an essential component of some careers, but not everyone sees the benefits. After all, if you work extremely long hours to stay afloat in your career, why would you want to sacrifice some of your precious free time to attend a Six Sigma training course from http://sixsigmatrainingonline.com/. No, of course you wouldn’t. 

The Benefits of CPD

CPD benefits both you and your organization.

  • CPD helps you develop self-confidence.
  • Your learning achievements speak for themselves, which is useful when it comes to employee appraisals.
  • Taking part in regular training opportunities helps you to stay up to date with the latest skills, which is useful if you subsequently decide to look for a new job.
  • By continuously polishing your skillset, you are likely to progress faster on your chosen career path, because you will be more attractive to employers.

Developing Leadership Skills

People who end up in senior management roles often learn the skills and core competencies they need through experience. Being able to communicate effectively and motivate staff is essential for managers, and these skills usually develop over time. However, being committed to a program of continuous professional development will enable you to develop your leadership potential faster. 

Why CPD is Beneficial to Employers

Employers can benefit greatly by allowing their employees to undertake regular training. Employees who take a proactive approach in managing their personal growth are usually more productive in the workplace. They are also more motivated and self-confident, which increases morale and creates a more positive brand image.

How to Undertake a Program of Continuous Professional Development

Check whether there are any mandatory CPD requirements within your chosen career: in many professions, there is a minimum CPD requirement whereby a certain number of hours need to be spent on CPD per year. However, even if you are not obliged to complete a minimum number of CPD hours, it is still advantageous to keep your skills up to date.

Think about the areas where your skills are lacking and look for training opportunities to fill the gap. There are plenty of online training courses available, so you don’t necessarily need to attend college classes. Even going to conferences is classed as CPD, as this keeps you up to date with the developments in your field. Don’t forget to ask your employer is he is willing to help with the cost of training, as it benefits him too.

Ignoring the benefits of CPD is a mistake. Whether you are required to attend CPD courses and events, or you choose to out of interest, there is no doubt that a program of continuous professional development can enhance a CV and improve your career trajectory.

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