Six Steps to Overcome Uncertainty and Move Confidently Towards Your Dreams of Financial Wellbeing


Are you having difficulty overcoming uncertainty and turning your doubts into success? Does the uncertainty of your financial future bring with it fear and avoidance? No matter if you hope to achieve financial wellbeing, change careers or make another major life change, there is no way to escape the uncertainty of what lies ahead. You can, however, use the following six steps to overcome uncertainty and move confidently towards your goals and dreams.

Plan of Action

Don’t expect to overcome the anxiety and fear that comes with uncertainty without a plan, and don’t expect a plan to help you achieve your goal without taking action. Those who fall prey to the paralyzing effects of uncertainty often have expectations but no plan. Instead of expecting the worst or the best, follow a proactive plan and take positive steps towards your final destination.

Put an Emphasis on the Positive

Whether you are ready to begin a journey to find financial wellbeing or starting over with a brand new career in a new city, taking steps to stay positive will help you overcome the uncertainty that comes with these major life changes. When even the thought of change sparks the flame of fear, take a moment to breathe and focus your mind on positive thoughts. By focusing on any positive thought (e.g., the hug your child gave you earlier, a nice note from a co-worker, the beautiful weather outside, etc.), your brain focuses on something stress-free instead of the irrational thinking and fear that can come with uncertainty.

Put Aside Perfection

No matter how much time you put into a plan and how well you execute that plan, expect to face some setbacks and missteps along the way. If you feel like the only way to successfully overcome uncertainty and the fear that comes with it is to be perfect, then you are setting yourself up for major disappointment. When perfection in executing your plan is your goal, then you will always have a nagging sense of failure which can easily make you miss all the positive steps and accomplishments you are achieving.

Place Importance on Mind and Body

Uncertainty and change will cause stress which can harm you mentally and physically. To have the positive energy you will need to put fear and anxiety behind you during times of change, you need to have your mind and body both healthy and stress-free. Making a point to put time on your calendar each day for mindfulness practice and exercise will give your mind and body what they need to be ready to help you overcome uncertainty and see success.

Practice Self-Confidence Strategies

One of the best ways to overcome anxiety and fear that feed on uncertainty is to feel confident in your decisions and actions. Taking the time to boost your self-confidence and self esteem will deliver big rewards when you face adversity or obstacles along the way to achieving your goals. We share six simple strategies to boost your self-confidence in this blog post we shared previously.

Place an Emphasis on Solutions

Are you someone who often focuses on problems instead of solutions? Remember, the focus of your attention determines your emotional state. By focusing on the problems that you’re facing, you are creating negative emotions and stress. On the other hand, when you focus on taking the actionable steps towards solutions, then you are producing positive emotions and taking control of your situation which – as you know – pushes aside the fear of uncertainty.

Change is reality and the reality of change is that there will always be uncertainty that comes with it. Whether your goals and dreams involve financial wellbeing or starting a new career, putting the above six steps to overcome uncertainty into practice will help you move confidently towards those goals and dreams.

Written By Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

Six Steps to Overcome Uncertainty and Move Confidently Towards Your Dreams of Financial Wellbeing was originally published @ Financial Therapy Network and has been syndicated with permission.

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