Other Options to Consider if You Are Reluctant to Put an Elderly Relative in a Nursing Home

Most people hate the thought of having to make the choice to move a grandparent, parent or other elderly relative into residential care. While this option is almost always only taken because the person is unable to live healthily by themselves anymore, it can be distressing both for the family and the person in question to have to make that kind of change. A lot of older people really want to maintain their independence, long after it is not really advisable, and can be upset at the thought of leaving their home to spend the rest of their lives in a place they don’t know, where they will have less privacy.

Of course, some seniors do eventually come to like nursing home life, and enjoy the company and entertainment they get as well as having their needs like food and medical attention taken care of without them having to go to any effort. While this is the case, it is still for most families the last resort, and there are some other options if you are concerned about their wellbeing in their own home, but don’t want to go for the nursing home option just yet.

Can They Move In With You Or Other Relatives?

One of the most appropriate options for some families is for the elderly person to move in with one of their children, grandchildren or other younger relatives. If there is enough space, this can be possible, and will mean the person will have more help, company and attention and can have things like their meals taken care of without having to move into residential care. While they will retain some of their independence and privacy and be in familiar surroundings, as well as be cared for by people who love them, this solution is often only suitable for the short term, and nursing home care may still become necessary later on if their health and mental faculties deteriorate.

What Do You Need To Think About Before Choosing This Option?

While it may seem like a great idea, there are a few things to think about before you move your relative into your house:

  • Will your house need modifications like a stairlift or walk in bath or shower to accommodate your elderly relative?
  • Is there someone at home most of the time to take care of them?
  • Do they need more professional medical care than you can offer, and if so, can you hire a home help to give them this?
  • Is your spouse happy to have one of your relatives living with you for what could be quite a long time?

Hiring Someone to Care for Them in Their Own Home

If moving them in with you is not an option for whatever reason, or they are still largely well but do need some help with things, you can also choose to let them stay in their current housing but have a professional carer look after them. If they need round the clock care there are live in people who can do this, but usually this option is chosen for seniors who are largely healthy and in a good mental condition, to help with things like administering regular medication, keeping them clean, and helping with running the house. There are good private healthcare agencies who can match you up with a qualified, vetted person to take on this role.

What Do You Need To Think About Before Choosing This Option?

Using professional home carers can also be a great way to delay the need for residential care and allow an elderly person to enjoy their own home for as long as possible, however again, there are some things to think about:

  • Are you available to monitor the situation and assess whether it is working out with your home help, and also to decide when the time has come that your relative needs more care and should move into a residential facility?
  • Do you or your relative have either the money or other provisions to pay for this kind of service for what could be years?
  • Is your relative still ‘with it’ enough to understand who the person helping them is and not be afraid of them being in the house?

Often, these are routes you can take either instead of or before putting someone in a home, but it is important to keep reviewing the situation if you choose one of these approaches.

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