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Sanders Might ‘Bern’ The Non-Believers

That’s Right #FeelTheBern. SJS officially endorsed Bernie Sanders a number a months ago, and he has shown that despite the odds shown on conventional news, that he can still sweep through states. Today, is my own home state(and his) of NY’s primary. I’ve been able to vote for the past 10 years of my life. Not a long time in the grand scheme of things. When I first registered to vote, I did so as an independent for a few reasons. The first, was because I believed(and still do) that people make assumptions based upon your political party whereas I wanted believed in voting for the best candidate in that race. The second, is because I dislike a two party system, especially ours, which tends to be too similar trying to make the public crazed over “radical” notions. The third, I will admit, was because I get supremely annoyed by calls asking for funding during elections.

I officially made the change to a member of the democratic party when Bernie Sanders began his race for presidency. And if you bear with me(And forgive me, I do this with very limited time before I must dash and would be happy to expand if needed), I’ll explain why I truly believe he has a shot at the nomination, which I know, is a rebuttal to a previous article posted on our site. The reason I made the change isn’t because I don’t still believe in my previous statements about political parties. It’s because the one downside to not having your card for a party means you’re not invited to the primary elections. And that’s going to matter.

It’s true that Sanders isn’t the frontrunner, despite outpourings of support, an unbelievable donation bank from non-corporate or “big business” entities, but it’s early yet and what we do know is that Clinton and Sanders continue to fight for the 51% popularity. Bernie is drawing crowds that rival the outpouring seen during President Obama’s campaign run. On a fraction of the cost.  Are these polls always the most accurate indicated? Absolutely not. And it’s still early. If we looked at the scores now, Trump would already be trying to rent out space in the White House for extra cash(sorry, I know SJS is a #Trumpfreezone, but it is relevant). But all of that remains to be seen. Here’s what we do know for sure. The young are important, far more important than the media, or anyone else wants to give them credit for. And those “young” aren’t so young anymore, and aren’t so uninvolved as the “disinterested youth” persona we’d like to believe. 66% of under 30s voted for Obama in 2008, they’re no longer the young. And the young, statistically tend to lean Democratic along with those with higher level of education. They’re also outpouring online which is the media base that people still aren’t taking seriously. Sanders is also leading the Independent voters, and not too far behind in women voters. So here’s the problem I see. The media won’t have it. In the presidential conversations they talk about 2-3 leading Republican candidates, and Hillary. The media, in all its corporate glory is edging out a real contender, despite numbers that are much closer than what we’re seeing over on the GOP side.

There are a few other areas that draw supports to Camp Bernie. Those who spend enough time on sites like Reddit, Imgur and other crowd source information sites find that their opinions are shared nationwide. The past few years have shown what happens when the typical politician continues to call the shots. We’ve had a government shutdown, continuous standstills between our congressional and executive branch over reasons that from the outside seem downright spiteful. And worst of all, we have a media controlled by a few individuals looking out for their own gain and piece of the pie. It’s no secret that politics are controlled by the money. What they want you to believe, is that because Sanders won’t play that game, he doesn’t have a chance.

  • H. Clinton is still teetering the majority at the moment, but she’s lost it a few times, and the people aren’t growing to trust or like her more as time goes on. She’s an embodiment of the already broken establishment. Sanders is the revelation to a political revolution to move power back to people.
  • If we stop believing that, we stop that trend. Sanders is refusing donations of Super PACs, a ballsy move honestly, but one that endears him to those of us who despite that the voter isn’t as important as the funds. SJS has always been true to the belief that campaign finance reform is one of the biggest issues in modern elections. For that alone, I would want to support someone who is fighting to make the presidential office available once again to someone other than the super-rich 1%. In no other country would an out of control, bigoted, clown, who repeatedly intimidates and files for bankruptcy in order to continue his outrageous businesses be a front runner against intelligent individuals. Unless we’re reenacting scenes from Idiocracy I have no idea why we’re allowing this to continue and expect other countries to take us even remotely seriously. Honestly, I’d rather vote for “Deez Nuts”
  • He’s all over social media- and yes, many are still leery of the chances. But if you’re in support, show it, and we’ll be surprised by the outcome.
  • Hillary would be a hell of a overthrow- True, she is heavily supported(politically and financially), with the name recognition that Sanders doesn’t have, despite his experience. When it comes to the issues people claim are important to them, Bernie tends to have the track record to back up his statements like his voting against super PACs, against the OEF/OIF wars, for breaking up big banks, against the Patriot act, against TPP, against Wall Street Bailout,against citizens united and more(see: career). He’s one of those few people who walk the walk of what he supports throughout his career, one of the few ‘people’s candidates’ we’ve had in a long time. And he’s not stopping.
  • He’s playing the nice game- or the non-slandering game. Also a ballsy move, and one I respect. We get into personal attacks which is a dog and pony show. We’re not interested in the real issues anymore so we want to see someone take a jibe and vote because “yeah, they were in a picture once with that Subway guy, I’m not voting for them” which is ridiculous. Get down to the issues, and see who you would support.
  • He’s not out of touch. He’s been in public services for decades, which sure, gets him a few jokes about his own age. But truthfully that means that he can reach people across age ranges. He was a civil rights activist and has never stopped campaigning for it, something that will bring together minority populations, and ages that grew up believing that we all are created equal.
  • I can promise the #1 fear mongering statement you’re going to hear is this asinine belief that “he’s going to turn us socialist” Can we honestly give it a break? I won’t even get into the quality of life which far outranks our in the so-called “socialist countries,” but this is simply put another attempt to slander Sanders about over a word that invokes image of a boogey man stealing your hard earned dollar. Next time take a look to see how much of  your money goes to fund large corporate tax rather than the poor and in need(roughly 90% of which are elderly, disabled, or working but still unable to afford standard living-not individuals cheating a system) and see who is really a parasite on your dime.

This isn’t even close to it all, but I’ve run out of time. What I want is for individuals to stop saying there’s no chance. If every person who believed that voted the way the felt, and not on who they think will win it, Bernie does have a shot. And we might be able to finally start changing how we handle presidential elections; not by who has the largest bankroll, but by who will act within that office for the people they represent. Not the corporations that bought them there.

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