Restoring Healthy Balance by Creating a Space to Disconnect Each Day


In our always-connected lives, it can be hard for our clients to find a quiet space to reflect on their goals to take control of their their lives. Our smartphones are never more than a few feet from our bodies. Our constant stream of emails offer a non-stop distraction from focusing on family and the present moment.

And always staying connected to technology and the distractions that come with it, keeps us disconnected from ourselves and from those who count on us for loving support. This state of constant-connectedness is quite unhealthy physically and mentally. It throws our lives out of balance.

And as we know and often share with our clients, healthy lives require balance. Inviting balance into our lives requires living in the present, honoring the past and planning for the future. Living a more balanced life may sound and be challenging, but this type of thinking and planning is foundational to sustainable, long-term financial behavioral change.

Make Time for Mindfulness

One way we can help our clients find this balance is by sharing with them the benefits of practicing mindfulness and the steps to get started with mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is an important cog in the wheel of self-care and financial wellbeing, and practicing mindfulness helps us stay positive and know there is always hope as we work to improve our financial circumstances and our lives.

But with the constant distraction of always being connected and lives seemingly always faced with interruptions, how can our clients find a moment and a quiet space to restore balance in their lives. You can help by sharing the tips below.

Steps to Create a Distraction-Free, Balance-Restoration Space

In the Financial Social Work Certification, we share the concept of creating a “Money Space” in your life and your home. We can also think of this space as a place to restore balance and eliminate distractions – our mindfulness space. This space should be accessible, comfortable and inviting.

If this space is to be at your home, make sure to share with your family the importance of this space being distraction-free. Perhaps, create a fun sign to hang on the closed door letting everyone know to please honor the fact that balance is being restored on the other side of the door and quiet is very much appreciated. And do we need to mention that no smartphones, tablets or any other communication devices are allowed in the room during this time?

Make sure this space is comfortable. Turn down the lights, pull the shades, find a nice soft spot to sit upright. Try to avoid lying down and getting too comfortable. The point is not to fall asleep. So, beware of creating an overly-comfortable space.

Lastly, make your disconnecting space inviting. Light a candle. Play some soft jazz or classical music. Put out some positive images (photos, posters, etc.), and fill the room with some of your favorite inspirational quotes. The surrounding environment will have a profound affect on the experience during this time.

Whether you client uses this distraction-free time to practice mindfulness or to set aside time to create S.M.A.R.T. goals for financial success, this time alone is a very important part of restoring the balance needed to improve mental, physical and financial health. Ensure your clients make time to disconnect each day.

Written By Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

Restoring Healthy Balance by Creating a Space to Disconnect Each Day was originally published @ Center for Financial Social Work and has been syndicated with permission.

Photo by Sten Dueland


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