Excerpt: “What it Takes to Free a Sex Slave”


By Candice Hong
A rescuer of sex slaves discusses the difficulties of his work, but endorses the positive impact it has on a society.
“This initial process can take anywhere from one week to a year or more, depending on the scope of the operation. A quality target package represents hundreds of dollars and many nights of hard, depressing work for any investigator.”
“Ideally, a multi-disciplinary task force would circle around the specific case detailed in the target package. At the “table” would be the police partners, the investigators, a national social worker, a local lawyer versed in victim rights and a translator or medical doctor, as needed.”


Regardless of the verdicts, raids and arrests send a message to the local community that sexual slavery is not acceptable. When we apply pressure to the trafficking mechanisms from a legal standpoint, we slowly force modern-day slavery into the category of higher risk and lower reward. This is potentially one of the greatest steps we can make as a community fighting this injustice.”
Candice Hong, PhD-Candidate, is a Research Assistant at Cancer InCytes magazine. She is currently studying the role of MCT1 in cancer metabolism at UCLA.
Relevant magazine, Issue 67: January/February 2014


Excerpt: “What it Takes to Free a Sex Slave” was originally published @ Cancer inCYTES Blog and has been syndicated with permission.

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