The Many Jobs You Rely On Daily

There are a great number of people whose work goes largely unrecognized by us, and yet each of us relies on those people to do their jobs so our own lives are vastly improved. Their handiwork is in our homes, our workplaces, and in between as we commute back and forth. Ever stopped to wonder and appreciate who these people are and what it is they do?

Start with the many people who built the apartment, condo or house you live in. There’s the carpenter, the brick layer, the heavy equipment operator, the people who make the steel beams, the architect, the surveyor, the landscapers, the sod farm operator, the window installer, the factory workers who produce the glass for the windows and doors, the cabinet makers, the plumber, the electrician and the carpet installer. Then there’s the inventors who came up with the production line advances that make building homes faster. Of course there’s the people who cut the timber for the wood framing, those who plane the wood, produce the screws and nails that hold it together.

It’s the same for the bed you sleep on at night. Someone made the wood frame, designed the coil or mattress inner workings. Someone designed the robotic machines that stitched the mattress, made your pillow, and manufactured your sheets and blankets. And don’t forget the people who made your pyjamas, nightgown, house coat and slippers.

Look around your bedroom and home. People produced your lights, ceiling fan, designed and installed your shower, made the razor you shave with, the soap you clean with, the shampoo you wash your hair with, and the brush or comb you groom with. A team of people researched and produced the products you clean your teeth with, the deodorant you apply to your armpits, and any cologne or perfume you spritz.

Somebody needs thanking for making your furniture that holds your clothing like dressers and closets. What about the wood or tile flooring, or the chair you sit own and the table you eat your cereal on? Thank the farmer for producing the grains in your cereal, the milk producers and the engineers who created the machinery to process the milk. Who designed the technology that created your spoon, fork and knife; or the plates, cups, bowls, and serving utensils we use daily?

There are so many jobs others do that we rely on and we haven’t even left the house yet! Whether you turn on the television, the radio or the stereo, many people when working together are responsible for bringing those luxuries into our homes. The radio alone requires technicians, producers, radio hosts, disc jockeys, reporters, weather forecasters, traffic reporters, musicians, sound technicians, people to erect those radio towers that carry the signals. Then you’ve got the stores that sell the radio’s to us, the salespeople there, the people who made the shelving the radio sat on in the store, the men and women who made the cardboard box they shipped it in, the driver who took it from the warehouse to the store in the first place. That’s a lot of people!

Now out the door, thank the guy or gal who designed the lock and key you secure all that stuff inside with. If you take transit, remember somebody had to create the paved surface the vehicles run on, and lay the gravel beneath it, clear the land before laying the gravel, excavate the bad soil and truck in the tar and design machines that can do it all faster, better and improve it so it lasts longer. Thank the taxi cab driver, the bus driver, the subway or train operator.

If you walk to work, you rely on the people who create your footwear, procure the cement for the sidewalk, designed and maintain the traffic signals for the lights making it safe to cross the road. Is it raining? Someone made the umbrella, the raincoat, the rain boots, and the briefcase or purse that keeps all your important things safe and dry.

There are too a whole host of jobs that we rely on but may seldom see people doing which is just as vital to all of us. There are people who clean the parks of litter, wash the roads to remove the grime, pick up the road kill, tree surgeons that keep our tree canopies healthy and vibrant affecting the air we breathe. There are people washing windows on buildings we find impossible to reach, laying cables beneath and above the ground that power our homes, our phones, cable television, and light our roads. There are those that replace the light bulbs on tall highway poles, those who pour the concrete and cement to make those tall poles, and the steelworkers who put the rods in the cement that binds the structure and makes it stronger to last longer.

People also create the grass cutting machinery that keeps lawns from getting out of control, and keeps the weeds down too so those with allergies can breathe.

There are all kinds of jobs out there that affect our lives on a daily basis. When you are thinking of a career or job, get way past the teacher, doctor and fireman. We need those too of course, but so many jobs are all around us and one of the jobs I’ve noted might be perfect for you. The more you look, the more you see!

Written By Kelly Mitchell

The Many Jobs You Rely On Daily was originally published @ myjobadvice and has been syndicated with permission.

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