New Interdisciplinary "Journal of Human Trafficking"

cancerFaculty from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) are forming a new peer-reviewed academic journal — Journal of Human Trafficking (JHT). The first issue will be released in 2015. Cancer InCytes magazine applauds UNL’s leadership. Here are some excerpts from an article from UNL Today, which interviewed Dr. Rochelle Dalla, Editor-in-Chief of JHT.


“It’s going to be totally interdisciplinary,” Dalla said, “because it really has to be.”

The new journal will highlight research on these and many other types of human trafficking. It will also encourage submissions from the full array of academic disciplines studying the practice.

“There’s so much knowledge and information out there,” Dalla said, “but the scholars and people who are developing programs don’t necessarily have access to all that, just because they don’t always know where to look.”

Published by Routledge, the peer-reviewed journal will release its first issue in early 2015.



New Interdisciplinary “Journal of Human Trafficking” was originally published @ Cancer inCYTES Blog and has been syndicated with permission.

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