Economic Independence Key to Survivors

cancerBy Stephen P. Wong

Victims of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment often face myriad challenges on the road to recovery. In few dynamics is this seen more vividly than when victims lack financial resources and therefore the power, independence, and control that comes with a degree of economic security. Far from being solely a byproduct of abuse, lack of financial security is often a contributing factor for perpetrators to target victims, be they victims of domestic violence, human trafficking or other exploitation. The transition from victim to survivor, accordingly, must include a whole-of-person approach to recovery that addresses lack of economic security.

TO THE MARKET | Survivor-made Goods is one such organization that recognizes the critical link between financial empowerment and support for survivors of abuse and exploitation. Conceived late last year by now-CEO Jane Mosbacher Morris, TO THE MARKET is a social enterprise that promotes survivor-made goods to a wide audience via a web platform that combines a store and original survivor-related content. It’s like a TOMs Marketplace exclusive to survivor-made goods with a social justice ethos and the business acumen to offer covetable clothing, accessories, and home goods.

One of the many things that makes this social enterprise unique is the way that it partners with existing organizations working with survivor populations, including marginalized widows, those battling HIV/AIDS, orphans, or victims of human trafficking, adding value to existing effective efforts at survivor restoration. “Our model allows the groups on-the-ground currently employing survivor populations to reach a broader audience of consumers through our beautifully curated platform”, says Mosbacher Morris. TO THE MARKET seeks to support organizations around the world focused on survivor restoration by providing services like sales analysis, trend forecasting, and marketing and PR, contributing to the economic viability of the partner organizations.

Set to fully launch in the Fall of 2014, TO THE MARKET is sure to play a critical role in the survivor restoration process, enabling financial empowerment and all that comes with it to impact and improve the lives of former victims–now survivors. Mosbacher Morris noted that “It is my sincere hope that the public recognizes the necessity of economic independence for continued survivor recovery, and align their minds, hearts, and their pocketbooks to that end.”

Stephen P. Wong is a policy analyst based in Washington, DC. He is especially focused on the intersection of domestic and foreign policy. The writer previously worked with Jane Mosbacher Morris on humanitarian issues at the McCain Institute, also in Washington. You can find TO THE MARKET | SURVIVOR MADE GOODS at Contact Jane [at]




Economic Independence Key to Survivors was originally published @ Cancer inCYTES Blog and has been syndicated with permission.

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