I Have A Name – Ron’s Story

Along travels through Southern Arizona, I stopped in Tucson for a restroom break. Upon entering a fast food spot I met Ron.
This homeless man was not allowed to make purchase of coffee and had been asked to leave the property. The suitcase he Ron's story - I Have a Namewas pulling was somehow against store policy. I scoffed at this suggestion, assuring him he had as much right to a warm beverage as any and offered up help.

We put his suitcase in my car and proceeded back into the building. Although, he was sure the manager was certain to ask us both to make exit, we made entry. Indeed, the fellow that had refused Ron service minutes before looked more than mildly annoyed. Not concerned, I stepped to the counter and placed a lunch order for two. I waited for our food while Ron found a seat. This elderly man was more than thankful for a meal as he had not eaten in almost two days. As we ate, I listened intently while Ron shared the story of a fellow who had once proudly worked on a Ford assembly
line in Detroit. His eyes smiled as he spoke glowingly of the Mustang he had happily labored over.

I Have A Name ButtonSadly, the plant was closed when Ford decided to send production to Mexico. He went onto suggest his biggest mistake was staying for too long in the city he loved, after losing that job. Ron was happy to share a simple conversation for living
on the street can be very dehumanizing. After our meal, I drove Ron to a park a few miles away where he could sit peacefully without harassment from law enforcement. What an unexpected joy in spending the afternoon with this kind gentle soul. I shared an hour-and-a-half of my time and spent just $5.00 dollars on a hamburger and yet the moment that was shared between two men on this warm summer day in the desert was immeasurable.

I think of Ron often!

I HAVE A NAME | Giving Voice to the Silenced. A homeless project born out of a need to inspire change,bring awareness & deliver hope where hope runs thin. For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/THEIHAVEANAMEPROJECT.


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