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Why not Why: An Audio Excerpt from Beginnings, Middles, & Ends

This story is one of 99 included in the book of stories about a life in social work. Dr. Rogers says:

… I wrote this book for colleagues, social work students and their teachers, and to be very honest, for myself. In the seasons of studying social work, students have to read a lot of textbooks and professional literature. I know, I’ve had to read a lot of those things, and they are good to read…but sometimes, it’s good to take a break and just read something that’s just a little off center and not in APA style! Something to read, well, just for the heck of reading.

This book of 99 stories reads easily, and the author tells tales that operate at many levels. The stories exemplify role modeling and transformational learning theories, and  readers are encouraged to reflect and consider their own thoughts and reactions to each piece. It’s written in an easy, non-linear style that is filled with wit, wisdom, and drama. In many ways, it is a book that looks at social work from the inside out, and seeks to provide the reader with opportunities for validation, surprise, critique, and reading enjoyment.

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