Announcing: Femonomics – Money Coaching for Women (Join the Facebook Group!)

Femonomics: Money Coaching for WomenFemonomics – Women’s Money Coaching Group, is a Facebook financial education and support group dedicated to helping every woman who wants to take control of her money and gain control of her life do so.

Why has the Center for Financial Social Work created a forum exclusively for women?

Women are at the core of Femonomics and the basis upon which the Center for Financial Social Work was founded.  When Reeta Wolfsohn created the word FEMONOMIC, in 1997, she defined it as “the gender of money.” “The gender of money” refers to many inequities that women face…


  1. Women earn less than men.
  2. Women often have fiscal and physical responsibility for children.
  3. Women have unique health care problems/access challenges.
  4. Women are often charged more than men for the same products and services.
  5. Women are disproportionately impacted by financial illiteracy.
  6. Women live longer than men.
  7. Women have gender specific obstacles resulting from how they are socialized.

As a member of the free Femonomics – Women’s Money Coaching Group, you will benefit from peer support and Financial Social Work guidance to help you strengthen your relationship with your money, change your financial behavior and improve your financial circumstances.

Join now, to begin your journey to a better financial future! Also, please invite any friends, family and colleagues who could also benefit from taking control of their money and gaining control of their lives!

Welcome Booklet for New Group Members

Written by Reeta Wolfson, CMSW
Center for Financial Social Work

This article first appeared @ and has been syndicated with permission.

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