Chronosystem and the Digtal Divide: Part V

The chronosystem incorporates the aspect of time during a person’s life. Developmental milestones and how they relate to significant experiences of a child influence their behavior, values, and beliefs. Bers (2010) discusses the need to promote a Positive Development framework, moving past confidence and competence with technology to mentoring children towards development of a positive relationship in their digital interactions. These relationships build tools to include content creation, creativity, collaboration, communication, community-building, and choice of conduct (Bers, 2010). Theodotou (2010) researched technology in early childhood learning and found that the efficacy of children in their cognitive abilities is enhanced with technology and adult mentorship. There is a downside to when technology is integrated into child learning. A child who becomes immersed in the digital world may experience vision problems or increasing obesity (Theodotou, 2010). Or what happens when there is a trauma related to an interaction with technology? Exploring negative technology interactions in the lifespan is an area yet explored. Research needs to address the advantages and disadvantages of using digital tools along the lifespan.

As we move forward into our digital future it is clear, technology is only going to progress. We can be at the mercy of technology or identify, assess, adapt, and develop constructive solutions to a changing society. How have you adapted your practice?
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Written by Ellen Belluomini
SJ Contributor
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