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The National Forum on Patient Experience Conference- Day 2

The conference opened with Dr. Vaughan Glover, CEO, CAPCH with opening remarks.

The opening address was by Mary Ferguson-Paré, Fmr. Vice President, Professional Affairs & Chief Nurse Executive, Recipient, Order of Canada, University Health Network on the topic of: The Moral Imperative for Patient-Centered Care: Transformational Values: Build a Responsive and Ethics Driven Culture to Advance Patient-Centered Care. A wonderful speaker who came across as caring and warm, and the type of individual that you would want as your director supervisor, mentor and advocate.

After this was a nursing panel moderated by: Petrina McGrath, Vice President, Quality and Interprofessional Practice, Saskatoon Health Region with Patti Cochrane, Vice President, Patient Care Services, Trillium Health Partners, Dr. Doris Grinspun, RN, MSN, PhD, LLD (hon), O. ONT, Chief Executive Officer, The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO), and Barbara Fitzgerald, Director of Nursing, Princess Margaret Hospital on the topic of: Nursing Perspective: Managing the Obstacles and Exploring Opportunities Toward a Better Patient Experience.

As a professional who is educated as a social worker, I very easily related to the examples and issues presented on this nursing panel. The patient/client is first and foremost and healthcare is all about the patient. It was wonderful to hear of former frontline workers who were passionate about change, energetic and grabbed the audience’s attention. In particular, I was inspired by Dr. Doris Grinspun who spoke with …..the correct terminology escapes me, but I really listened to what she had to say, as I found her comments and statements aligned with my views of what society should look like; fair, just and free of obstacles when it comes to culture and socioeconomic status. My own educational background in sociology and social work have provided me with a good foundation and my views of what healthcare, community care, Patient-Centered or Person-Centered-Care should be about, were what this conference was all about. I even made a point at the lunch break to walk over and let her know I enjoyed her presentation and found her inspiring!

Next was a presentation by Northumberland Community Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare on the topic of: Build the Future of Healthcare Delivery Using Experience Based Co-Design with Helen Brenner, Interim President and CEO, Northumberland Hills Hospital, Wendy Kolodziejczak, PATH Project Manager, Northumberland Hills Hospital and Patient Advocate, Gayle Einarsson, Fmr. Patient & Caregiver, RISE Team Leader, Northumberland Hills Hospital.

Another inspiring panel which showcased the model they use, its effectiveness and again engaged the attendees.

The morning ended with a Case Study by Cancer Care Ontario on the topic of: Drive System-Level Transformation through a Patient and Family Advisory Council with Laura Macdougall, Director, Clinical Programs & Patient Experience, Cancer Care Ontario and Patient Advocate, Joanne MacPhail, Fmr. Patient, Co-Chair Patient and Family Advisory Council and Patient Advisor Cancer Care Ontario.

Again, another inspiring presentation and a personal one. I related and understood much of what Joanne MacPhail shared with all of us who attended, as she is a survivor of cancer and her path had many similarities to my mother-in-laws path with cancer. The one difference is Joanne is alive to talk about her treatment and she has chosen to become an advocate, a speaker and a mentor to others. She brought tears to many with her speech, but she is a positive role model and an inspiration.

The afternoon session of the second day was divided into two Break-Out sessions, one a panel discussion with a Closing Address by Women’s College Hospital, Collaborative Care: Restructure Clinical Teams and Operations around the Patient with Christine Gordon, Director, Patient Access and Clinical Operations Women’s College Hospital. This was followed by a Case Study: Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre, Develop an Integrated, Transitional Care Strategy that Provides a Continuity of Experience with Caroline Brereton, CEO, Mississauga Halton Community Centre.

After a short break the topic was Shared Decision Making: Engaging Patients in Shared Decision Making to Improve Clinical and Experiential Outcomes with Dawn Stacey, University Research Chair in Knowledge Translation to Patients; Associate Professor, Director, Patient Decision Aids Research Group, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. The afternoon ended with a Peer-to Peer Exchange on Designing and Delivering on Your Patient Experience Vision Now and In the Future.

The other Break-Out session was a presentation titled: Patient Experience Design Workshop with Ted Ball, Transformation Coach, Quantum Transformation Technologies and Art Frohwerk, Master Facilitator, Quantum/Clearpath. I attended this one and was inspired once again and what a wonderful way to end the afternoon!

I definitely walked away with a lot of knowledge and information, met some great professionals who truly care and fit the image of a ‘helping professional’ and am inspired to collaborate with others and implement change with and for clients.

Once again, a special thank you to Paul Gallant of Gallant Healthworks & Associates who was one of the partners for this conference. In addition, he is the group owner of the LinkedIn group, Canada Health and Healthcare Consultants where I am one of the two moderators. It is because of Paul that I was able to attend this conference.

I stand by my tagline on my blog of: “As helping professionals; we should be present, be aware, be respectful, be responsive, be compassionate, be empathic and be mentors to others.”

By Victoria Brewster, MSW
Staff Writer

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