Is Someone At Risk For An Attachment Disorder If Adopted At Birth?

This post is in response to comments made about a prior post where it was suggested that a child adopted at birth is not at risk  for attachment disorder. Some respondees agreed, others didn’t. The purpose of this post is not to make anyone wrong or right or to score points, but I thought it raised an interesting question which I throw open to my followers.

From everything I’ve read by the experts, such as Nancy Newton Verrier, David Brodzinsky and others, that primal wound – the broken attachment at birth – can be the source of a lifelong void in many, but not all, adoptees.  The fact that there was an immediate hand-off in the delivery room from birth mother to adoptive parents is not necessarily a cure, in my opinion. Wouldn’t that child, in the back of his or her mind, always wonder about the people who gave them life yet couldn’t be there to parent them, for whatever reason?

I do agree, however, that the longer the child is separated from a devoted caregiver, the worse it is for the child. Children, like Casey, who’d been institutionalized often have difficulties adapting to a new life beyond the institution that had been the only “home” they ever knew.

So with that, I throw this open to my readers. What do you think? 

Written By John Brooks
SJS Contributor

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