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A Government Shutdown: They Will Not Work On The Hill, They Will Not Work On A Bill

Scare tactics at the ready, it is time for the annual threat of a government shut-down. Senator Ted Cruz is doing it in style too, taking time out of his filibuster like speech against the Affordable Care Act to read “Green Eggs & Ham.” Ironic using the good Dr. Seuss in his attempt at defunding the health care act. Senator Cruz reasoned that he must oppose the bill because it will cause havoc in the medical fields. There s only one problem with his line of reasoning, shutting down the government is not going to defund the bill. In fact, unless an alternative agreement can be found, all the shutdown will do is further damage the trust the American people have in their representatives and possibly halt the recovery of the economy.

Holding Obamacare as the proverbial standard in front of the Conservative Tea Party is a façade. Not admitting that there is a broken system, and refusing to take part in creating a solution has become the norm in this political system. Senator Cruz had some outlandish ways of expressing his disagreement with the bill, comparing his fight against the Affordable Health Care to fighting Nazis. Many in the Republican Party viewed Cruz’s tactic as “grandstanding” and worry about the backlash that could occur should it cause a shutdown as it will not impact the bill itself. Perhaps the young senator doesn’t realize the negative impact that his actions will have on Republicans and Democrats alike, perhaps he doesn’t care. But, if he wishes to forgo any diplomatic reasoning and attempts, I’d like to offer a more relevant Seuss-esque reading.


Senator Cruz did not like to lose, so he spoke and spoke and spoke.

He did not like the vote on the bill, and he did not want it on Capitol Hill.

“Who Cares?” he said “with our cheap suits and bad haircuts”

I do not like this affordable care in this rutt, not from the tip of my head down to my butt.

So shut down Senate, and good night Congress, on October 1st you’ll remember what I said.

So long to you, those who call employer “the Fed”


By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
Staff Writer


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