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Shots Fired In Georgia School; All Students Accounted For

In what is becoming all too familiar, another gun was fired in an American school. This time it was an AK47 in Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Gerogia.  According to USA Today, the suspect is a white male in his 20’s and was taken into custody immediately. No injuries have been reported.

This incident comes as the national gun debate and outrage had died down, leaving the nation with no preventative  solutions to tragedies such as Newtown. This also comes in the wake of a report from the which claims the following:

Of the 435 members of the new House, 205 – or 47 percent – received some money from the NRA during the last campaign. More than half have taken NRA money at some point in their career.  Of the Senate’s 100 members, 42 received contributions this past cycle and exactly half have received contributions at some point in their career. All told, 88 percent of Republicans now in Congress have received a contribution from the NRA at some point in their career, as have 11 percent of Democrats.

An unexplainable dysfunction surrounding gun legislation, especially after Newtown, immediately becomes clear; it is always money. The man in custody brought an AK47 into an American school, a rational and well governed country would immediately put the plans into place to prevent such a thing. This should be treated as a national emergency, our leaders should not rest until they have a solution.

I’m not one of those “get rid of the guns” types, but there certainly has to be some middle ground between a ban on firearms and a man walking into a school with an assault rifle. Every time this happens, and Congress remains paralyzed by greed and cowardice, America suffers. The next time a child tragically dies by gunfire, we know whose hands will really be soiled.

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