Social Work: Is it worth it? Part II

After writing “Social Work: Is it worth it?” I have been going through some self reflection after reading the responses from SJS readers, and a piece written by a fellow peer. My realization is this: Life is about struggle. Life is about ups and downs. Twists and turns. Happiness and pain. Social work is all this for me. Social work is in the fiber of my being. I would not give up one rewarding, one frustrating, one heart-wrenching, one successful moment.

With that being said, it sadden me to read that other social workers and mental health providers voiced their own opinions and experiences that mirrored my own frustrations and worries. One feeling that I picked up on is that of uncertainty or resignation.  Even though frustration was voiced, there was uncertainty as to how to change our circumstances and/or an apparent resignation to accept our current circumstances as being what it is. I say we shouldn’t accept it. We should change our circumstances. Social work is a valuable profession that demands more respect than what we currently receive.

How does change start? Change starts through conservation. Change starts when the problem is recognized. Change starts when we unite together and take steps not to be victims. What are these steps we should take? I do not know. Each state, each community is different. We must look at our communities to construct an individualized plan before national change can occur. So let’s start now. Let this article be an open forum for social workers to unite and begin a conservation of change.

Written by Audrey Haven, LMSW
Staff Writer

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