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Kickstarter Promotes Sexual Assault In Paperback

*Warning* *Some Graphic Language*

There’s a new kickstarter movement out there, and it is to boycott One of the goals of a Kickstarter project is to find creative ways to “kick start” a project that might otherwise be impossible. Films, music, campaigns, etc. All with one thing in common, they need funding to get the project off the ground, that’s where the company comes in for funding. Having your own Kickstarter is the “in” thing to do, and it comes as no surprise that a few distasteful projects have mixed in. A book project titled “Above the Game” is one of these ventures, a complete how to guide of sexual assault. That’s right, the book details how to dominate, subjugate, and force another person into sexual acts. Some brief outtakes from this manual include:

“Pull out your c*** and put her hand on it. Remember, she is letting you do this because you have established yourself as a LEADER. Don’t ask for permission, grab her hand, and put it right on your d***.”

The book goes on, and details numerous ways of establishing yourself as the forcer, perpetuating a rape culture that is already in crisis. Now the reactions are geared toward Kickstarter for not pulling funding or resources to this venture. Instead of coming out against it, the book has moved forward with either the company’s toleration, or their blind eye. Either way, the public’s outrage is as palpable as their feelings of betrayal. Kickstarter’s Facebook page is littered with complaints against their inaction. A petition demanding the discontinuing and removal of the book has grown to several thousand signatures, but still no word. In fact, Kickstarter has been rather silent, which is the growing problem with these companies. Social media consciousness has not been developed. In a similar vein to Facebook’s Domestic Violence stance, many companies claim they stand for justice, but fail when the time for action arises.

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By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
Staff Writer

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