Chemical Weapons In Syria (Video)

Since the onset of extreme violence in Syria, back in March 2011, America has been engaged in a fierce debate on whether or not the United States should put “Boots” (military force) on the ground. The debate has certainly heated up in last twenty four hours as we learn that the Assad regime has most likely used chemical weapons (nerve agent) on his own people. The popular term for this action in the media seems to be called, “Crossing the Red Line”. As the country begins another round of what we should, or should not do in the case of using military interventions to assist the oppressed people of Syria, it is important to consider what role the international social work community play in this humanitarian crisis?

The International Committee of the Red Cross has also had “Boots” on the ground since the beginning of this bloody civil war. Please take a few minutes to watch this interview with Robert Mardini, head of operations for the Middle East, to learn not only about the humanitarian crisis itself, but what interventions are being applied to assist the extremely vulnerable civilian population of Syria.

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