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Syria Goes Offline

Not for the first time this year Syria has been cut off from the internet in a move that the Syrian government is blaming on terrorists. According to many, the action was a result of the government’s attempt to cut off the rebel groups from communication. The events in Syria over the past two years have been murky, and a constant internal struggle. Lack of access to the internet could be a deliberate attempt to further block information from spreading. The lack of technology also means that activist groups will also be unable to work, creating a barrier to assist those in need from the conflict. Technology has become a vital role in both activists groups and day to day life. Arab Springs was a direct result of the ability to coordinate efforts online. Without it, either side could benefit from the disruption as a offensive tactic. At this time, too little information is available to draw conclusions. From within Syria and those waiting outside, the silence is deafening.

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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