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NASW-NYS Calling On NY Social Workers To Give Feedback On SAFE Act

NY LCSWs – NASW-NYS Wants to Know About Your Experiences with regard to the NYS SAFE Act

Click here to begin the survey on NYS SAFE ACT

NASW-NYS has previously reported that effective March 16, 2013 Licensed Clinical Social Workers are among the four mental health professionals specifically designated in NY’s SAFE Act as being required to report to local mental health officials when there is reason to believe a patient is likely to engage in conduct that will cause serious harm to themselves for the purpose of crosschecking the individual’s name against the new comprehensive gun registration database. If the individual possesses a gun, the license will be suspended and law enforcement will be authorized to remove the person’s firearm (or the individual may be prevented from obtaining one in the future).

There has (rightfully so) been a considerable amount of confusion among providers related to the who, where, and what specifics of reporting under this new law and as such ask for feedback on your experience by completing a brief five question survey.  Results will be used to assist us with our ongoing efforts to make amendments to the reporting requirements and engage the press on implementation issues faced by providers.

We appreciate your taking the time to inform us on your experiences.  Click here to begin the survey

Please take the time to help out the NASW-NYS in this matter. Speaking up at these moments is necessary for Social Workers to empower our profession.

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