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Bush Could Face Trial For Torture If He Leaves The U.S.

Former President George W. Bush is learning just how small of a world it is after having to cancel his latest European trip to prevent arrest. Human rights organizations, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, have filed suit against the former U.S. President and may prosecute him for sanctioning the use of torture. The 147 countries, who signed the Convention Against torture, could now be off-limits to the former President.

It was only a question of time as to when former President Bush would have to answer for his actions. Although he is quick to say he had little to do with the decision, claiming it was his advisors and team who were the real masterminds(as most of us know), Bush is ultimately responsible because these actions happened during his “reign”. It can be argued that, in times of war, the President has the right to execute orders to maintain the safety and needs of the state, but President Bush was notorious for seeking the answers he wanted. Eventually there was someone there who would give them and thus “sanction” the plan; such as the use of torture on civilians deemed “enemies of the state.” It is hard for me to believe that the ends justify the means, as is his justification, when over a decade later the U.S. population still faces two major wars, multiple economic disaster, social upheaval , and a shattered world reputation.

Should Bush leave the country he could face prosecution and potential sentencing for the use of torture, and possiblly other crimes against humanity. It will be interesting to see whether he chooses to face those actions, or if the U.S. will be asked to intervene. I f he is tried this would be a monumental incident in U.S. history. One thing is for sure,  the world is shrinking and Texas is only so big.

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer


president bush Public Domain White House photo by Paul Morse

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