Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW

Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW

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Civil Rights Defenders Creates ‘Smart’ Bracelet to Protect Aid Workers

Oh the wonders of technology. Recently there has been so much news about the negative side of technology; how it can be used to incriminate, steal, or fight battles that were once more difficult to fight. Now, thanks to the Civil Rights Defenders we are reminded once again of the benefits that can come about from technology. CRD has recently created a smart bracelet which can be used to protect aid workers at risk of kidnapping or other dangers. Dubbed the Natalia Project after slain aids worker Natalia Estemirova, the bracelets have:

“… mobile phone technology buried within it that can send prepared messages when the gadget is triggered.

Alerts can be sent manually by a rights worker if they feel under threat or are triggered automatically if the bracelet is forcefully removed. The alarm sends out information about its owner and where they were when they were attacked. Other staff nearby will also be alerted so they can start to take action to help anyone in distress…

Warnings are sent in the form of messages to Facebook and Twitter to rally support and ensure people do not disappear without trace.”

It’s so amazing to me what we can do with a simple piece of technology, and hopefully this bracelet can come in handy if any unfortunate situations are to arise for the workers who stand up everyday for social justice and rights.

Written By Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer



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