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Music Linked To Enhanced Cognitive Functioning

Have you ever found that listening to music, when doing chores or working, makes the task significantly more pleasant? A new study suggests that engaging music can help overall cognitive functioning as a indirect result of increased contentment. The study introduced The “Spring” movement of the Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”  to 14 year old teenagers.

It seemed to give rise to particular imagery in the brain and evoke positive, contented feelings which translated into higher levels of cognitive functioning,” said psychologist Dr. Leigh Riby.

I am quite fond of “The Four Seasons”, but I found the use of this piece as an odd choice given the age of the study group. Wouldn’t using the music that the teenagers already listen to would be more telling?  I almost always listen to music when I am working or writing, and the range of different choices varies depending on the day and mood. Dr. Riby described the “Spring” movement as “particularly special”, but there might be deeper connections that spans genres. This might simply be unrecognized aspect of popular culture that most take for granted as they cruise on their morning commute.


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