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South Korea Braces Themselves For The Unknown

Is the next cold war going to get hot? South Korea is gearing up as the North continues cutting off ties and threatening war. In the latest of bizarre and fairly hostile moves, North Korea cut off the only communication it has with the South, a red cross telephone that’s tested twice a day. Now, it’s not time to get under the desks just yet, as the North has done this at various times in history when it threatens world domination. Kim Jong-un might just be testing the waters, but the new leader of North Korea seems to have a flare of his father’s unpredictable nature.

North Korea has warned the world that their ability to strike their enemies is a very real threat, and one they plan on carrying out. Despite some evidence demonstrating that North Korea does not have the capacity to deliver a long range missile, these threats are taken very seriously in the UN, and especially in South Korea where distance is not in their favor. Kim Jong-un has threatened to end the 60 year old armistice, causing high alerts for all defense and military bases in the area, including a large number of U.S. troops. As tensions build, we wait to see whether these threats will result in an escalated conflict, or if North Korea, and their modern day Caligula goes back to sleep for a while longer.

Written by Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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