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Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW

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Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina Elected Pope of the Catholic Church

Today, Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. He is the first Jesuit and Latin American elected into one of the most powerful positions, secular or religious, in the entire world. In addition, he is the first Pope to take the name Francis, who was the Patron Saint of animals and the environment. The name also has a strong connection to helping the poor and living humbly. The now Pope Francis I has a degree in chemistry, and reportedly lives in a manner similar to the Saint his name was chosen after, St. Francis of Assisi. This is all in line with the Jesuit Order, a branch of Christianity known for its charity, social justice and social welfare efforts, humility, and minimal living.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, there is no doubt that the election of a new pope is a historic event worth noting, especially in light of the dire circumstances that humanity faces in the industrial age. The choice of a new pope bringing about so many firsts is the marking of a new era for the church whose influence goes far beyond that of individual churches and the minds of its members. What direction would you like to see Pope Francis move the Catholic Church towards? What changes do you think we will see?

You can read more about this current event at the following news links:

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Written By Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer


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