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The Supreme Court Might Consider Public Opinion On Gay Marriage

It is temping to view morality as some absolute fixed code, but it is important to understand that it stems from the beliefs and traditions of people as much as it shapes them. As a result, morality shifts with each generation. As such, law is mostly derived from a morally relative code that is often left unexamined. The Supreme court might give credence to this when it rules on the constitutionality of California’s ban on Gay marriage with the passing of proposition 8 in 2008. The New York Times is reporting that justice’s Kennedy and Roberts might very well consider the overwhelming shift in attitudes toward gay marriage, and therefore the shifting ‘morality’ of Californians,  when ruling on Prop 8.

“A Field Poll survey released this week showed that California voters, by a nearly 2-1 margin, now approve of allowing same-sex couples to marry, a finding in line with states that legalized gay marriage in November’s election.”

It is refreshing to know that the Supreme Court takes into consideration the opinions of the people they are charged with serving. It certainly should be satisfying to those who have fought so hard for the well deserved rights of the LGBTQ community to have Proposition 8 overturned at the federal level. It is also a lesson for those who think that social action is a waste of time; if  a social movement cannot sway the opinions of Congress, the Supreme Court might just do the trick.

Written By Matthew Cohen
SJS Staff Writer

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