The Educated Homeless

Many people in our country have the risk of ending up homeless. “Mr.Bluestocking” as he wishes to be called, may not be the typical idea of a homeless person many people think of. He is a licensed teacher and counselor who holds two masters degrees. Even though he has completed this education and has accomplished so much, he still found himself homeless. In addition, he is treated horribly
on the streets. If poverty and homelessness cannot escape people like
“Mr. BlueStocking” then how much hope do others have?

Many of us are only one crisis away from being on the streets. In his video, he talks from his perspective on how being in poverty and being homeless does not mean you are uneducated or not working. There are several stories out there like Mr. BlueStocking’s. The Invisible T.V. (2011) website  was founded to bring awareness to the issues of homelessness. There are many stories about people who work, have degrees, but are still homeless, living in their cars or tents if they are lucky. Poverty is much bigger than most people realize. Its shackles enslave people in our society so they cannot escape.

We need to organize and solve this problem. We need to develop programs,advocate and get politically involved. We are in a crisis. This country is in a crisis. What will you do?


*Written by Lydia Zaharias, SW Student

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