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TV & Your Brain: Tune In For A Reality Check

Ah, T.V. for anyone born in the last 3/4s of a century, TV has been your boon companion since your early days. How detrimental is this relationship? Worse than that guy who used to “forget his wallet” come check time. Some scientists are saying that continuous and long term TV watching can cause everything from, low sperm count, cardiovascular disease, poor self esteem, and increase your rage trigger. Now many of these are caused by the fact that TV is a passive sport. And by sport I mean pastime. And by pastime I mean step above coma. The more you watch TV, the more likely you are to be sitting for long stretches of time. For those of us who have only known a world with TV, our moods and reactions are shaped by the things we see.

We model what we see on TV as easily as we do the adults around us. So maybe violent and bad behavior on TV won’t directly cause that reaction, but it can certainly shape our feelings about it as the norm. The link between increased TV viewing and ADD problems in children have a positive link. I mean, if I had a nickel for every show I watched as a kid, I’d have a, hey did you see that episode of Downton Abbey the other week? Wait, what was I saying? Or right. Healthy lifestyle choices mean that every habit is taken in to the point that it won’t harm us. Want a cookie? Have a cookie, just don’t have a box of them after gorging on unhealthy foods prior to plopping yourself on the couch. Want to watch some TV, go for it. Just don’t confuse TV life with your own. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a remote with my name on it.

BY: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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