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Human Rights Activist Killed In Tunisia

In the year 2013 a human being fighting for freedom can still be murdered outside his home. On Wednesday night Chokri Belaid, human rights activist, was shot 4 times and murdered in Tunisia. The Government  has claimed that this was an isolated incident carried out by a lone individual; an effort to distance themselves from political ramifications. The murder has sparked protests and political turmoil in the country.

 Four Tunisian opposition groups met in an historic and unprecedented meeting and announced their withdrawal from the national assembly. Prime Minister Hamdi Jebali said he would dissolve the government and install a small cabinet of technocrats in its place until elections. And al-Nahda, the ruling Islamist party and the party of which the prime minister is a member, rejected Jebali’s proposed dissolution.

Political activists and freedom fighters everywhere should make it a point to understand those who fight and die for their cause. The Think Africa Press has published a nice article about Chorki Beliad.

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