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Gay Marriage Closer To Being Legalized In England and Wales

LGBTQ rights are coming to the forefront in other western nations besides America. The United Kingdom’s House of Commons has passed a Bill that supports same sex Marriage in England and Wales. The vote passed 400-175.

Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said: “I genuinely believe that we will look back on today as a landmark for equality in Britain.

The U.K. is divided between liberals and conservatives in much the same way that their American cousins are.

But Conservative MP David Burrowes said: “We do respect the equal value of men and women, but surely that doesn’t avoid us looking and celebrating difference, and marriage is a great way of celebrating the difference between a man and a woman.”

He predicted that the legislation would receive substantial opposition when it arrived in the House of Lords.

Is it me or does House of Lords sound incredibly out of place in 2013? I would imagine that the U.K. LGBTQ community could use the support of all those who are in favor of same-sex marriage, so please make your voices heard. In the meantime we await the ruling from the House of Lords.

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